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What is the Euro Emission Standard (Euro 6 or Euro 4 etc) & What Does it Mean For The Car You Buy?

Most people don’t know that the quality of fuel is different around the world. Generally speaking, the “developed world” gets the highest quality of fuel. Highest quality meaning fuel designed/refined to minimise pollution emitted from vehicle exhausts while maximising performance of the engine.

While emission standards vary from country to country, the general emission standard reffered to is the EURO (European) emission standard. EuURO emission standards were introduced in the European Union to limit pollution in order to improve air quality and health. Since the early 1990s, new car models have had to meet increasingly stringent exhaust pollution limits, known as the Euro emissions standards, before they could be put on sale.

Currently Europe uses fuel based on EURO 6 emission standards or some advanced variation of that. While East Africa (including Uganda) uses fuel based on EURO 4 emission standards.

EURO 6 emission standards for diesel vehicles require fuel with a sulphur content of 0 ppm (parts per million). Which means diesel fuel with no sulphur in it!

EURO 5 emission standards for diesel vehicles require fuel with a su