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What does 4MATIC mean on a Mercedes-Benz?

4MATIC is the Mercedes terminology for its four-wheel drive system, featured on Mercedes-Benz SUVs such as the GLA, GLB, GLC, GLE and GLS-class, as well as some of Mercedes-Benz's passenger car models. Put simply, it is the name given to Mercedes four-wheel drive or Mercedes all-wheel drive vehicles


4MATIC is permanently on for optimum balance between traction, driving dynamics and handling safety

From a menacing rain storm to a challenging corner, 4MATIC all-wheel drive makes the most of available traction by precisely engaging all four wheels. More than letting all four tires do the work equally, 4MATIC features a number of advanced, and quick-thinking innovations to empower each wheel individually as conditions change. So, whether you're starting out on a slippery section of the road, encountering a sudden change in the weather, or even rounding a dry curve, 4MATIC helps you stay in control.