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What is the difference between the Actros and the Arocs??

Actros Trucks Shown Below;

The New Actros was split into two groups for easier identification. So we now have the Actros name remaining for the truck tractor head that pulls a semi trailer and the newly introduced Arocs name is for easy identification of the pulling trucks / lorries / tippers / cement mixers etc.

Arocs Trucks Shown Below;

The new Actros and Arocs present an improved version of the existing Actros truck. The new name makes it easier for customers to differentiate between the tractor heads (Actros) and the lorries/pulling etc (Arocs).

This new model has been built to be tougher yet more fuel efficient and easier to maintain.

The whole purpose of this new model was to decrease running costs for the customer. Fuel and Service are the biggest costs over the lifetime of any truck, NOT the purchasing price. Unfortunately, many customers overlook this critical and important point.

In the lifecycle of the truck, the purchasing price/cost is less than 10% of the life cycle cost of the truck. The life cycle being 20 years (even though the Mercedes-Benz trucks are known to last even longer!). Just as a point of info, if the truck drives about 5,000km per month. The total cost of fuel over 5 years would generally equal the cost of the truck. This shows the importance of the fuel savings which the new Actros & Arocs present of 2%- 10% depending on application and driving conditions. This fuel saving is due to a combination of the automated gearbox and new improved engines.

The automated gearbox will always seek a higher gear whenever possible to save fuel. A human driver usually gets tired of changing gears often and will naturally stay in a lower gear than absolutely necessary. The other savings of from having an automated gearbox are from reduced wear and tear of clutches, and wear and tear of the drivetrain due to drivers driving downhill in neutral and thereby disengaging the cooling systems.

Finally the Automated gearbox and A/C reduce driver stress and thereby keep the customer’s truck and cargo safer! Which in turns saves the truck owner money. A win/win situation for all!

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