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How To Stay Safe While Driving On The Expressway

When driving on the new expressways:

1) Always Keep Left! Unless overtaking other cars (then use the right lane). Faster flowing traffic uses the right lane and you don't want to be knocked from behind.

2) Always keep an eye on the weather. Should it begin to rain, then you should slow down significantly (even as low as 40km/h in heavy rains) to maintain control over your car and avoid losing control through increased braking, aqua-planning (when your vehicle tyres start to lift off of the tarmac onto the water on the road thereby removing your control over the steering direction and braking).

3) Always ensure your tyres are properly inflated and in good condition! If you see any sidewall bubbles like these then do NOT drive that vehicle on the expressway or any road where you will reach high speeds! It is very dangerous as the structure of the tyre itself is compromised.

Otherwise there is a very high chance of a complete tire failure, also known as a blowout, which looks something like this:

4) Always ensure all your tyres are correctly inflated to the manufacturer guideline pressures (usually a bit higher pressures for higher speed driving), properly balanced and aligned, with enough tread-life remaining and are of the same brand and type to ensure stable & safe handling. (Now that I've typed this all out, a specific tyre blog will follow in the future as I realise there is a lot to cover on just tires 😄)

5) Always check that you brake pads and brake discs are still in good condition.

In case you don't know how to do any of this, please contact your vehicle's workshop department.

Drive Safely!

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