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Why Buy a Ugandan Specification Actros/Arocs Truck vs a European one??

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

There are trucks that we sell that can carry up to 140 tons in off-road conditions depending on the model you select. The important issue is whether you require one that is specified for heavy duty work or not. The Euro spec ones aren’t suitable to operations in Uganda and that is why we always ask the customers the intended use of the truck.

There's a big difference between this European (UK also) specification (just look how low that is and with only one driven rear axle .....

And the Ugandan spec, look at that height and both driven rear axles......

Aside from height due to off-road reinforced suspension, you also have double differential locks in the back, sump shield, Euro 3 fuel standard (so it can handle the extra poor quality fuel you will find around the country side), reinforced chassis, heavy duty springs, reinforced front axle for heavy loads, reinforced rear axles, extra cooling, front metal bumpers, larger air cleaner system with cyclone filter blowers to keep most of the dust out and much more. The. These comfortably meet the weigh bridge restrictions for Uganda but can pull payloads of up to 70 tons when in off-road situations. Now there is a heavier duty setup for those that want to pull over 100 tons and another special setup if you decide to go over 200 tons.

The complete Lifespan is not yet known as the first Actros trucks we sold in the year 2000 are still on the road. So as of now we would say 20 years on the road and over 95% of them still active. Accidents and lack of proper service & repair took the 5% away. For any long term business, the Actros is the cheapest truck you can own giving you the largest return on investment to the point that none of the first buyers want to sell their initial trucks as they still run and very economically too.

It’s a real testament of 'you get what you pay for'.

Bed (simple version)😊

That one is a medium cabin. As I mentioned you have to specify what you want and we add it in. If you want a bedroom with lights, microwaves etc then we can arrange it with the mega Large cab

Bunk beds too 😂

The new Actros and Arocs trucks now have automatic gearboxes as Std so you save fuel, much easier to drive and the driver doesn’t get as tired

Plus drivers won’t play with the gearbox by putting it in neutral on downhill slopes to “save” fuel. Meanwhile that manoeuvre starves the driveline of lubricating oil 😬 and is also very dangerous should he have to make any emergency manoeuvres during that time. Additionally, the engine brakes are off because the engine is disconnected from the drivetrain so basically the wheels are free of the engines power of acceleration and braking.

Meaning you only have the drums or discs to stop the truck... and if your busy carrying a payload of 40 tons or more... good luck with the stopping distance and good luck with having some brake pads and discs left

Trucks use engine braking even more than the actual brake pads or drum brakes

This is due to the very heavy weights involved.

The brakes alone would overheat and wear extremely fast if used alone with zero engine braking. So trucks are setup that you could engine brake even to a complete standstill. So the real professional drivers can get up to 80,000km on one set of brake pads if their conditions give them room to almost always use engine braking

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